Tara Lipinski reflects on her unexpected challenges with fertility, despite earlier thinking that pregnancy would be simple.

Tara Lipinski, the former Olympic figure skater, recently discussed on her new podcast a topic that caught her off guard: experiencing difficulties in conceiving.

She believed it would be straightforward, but it turned out to be more challenging than expected. She mentioned that she had never been informed about the challenges of conceiving.

She had not given much consideration to her biological clock or a specific timeline for starting a family.

It seemed that she had the expectation that, given her athletic background and commitment to her physical well-being, the desired outcome would come effortlessly.

Tara came to the realization that her previous line of thinking was incorrect. She was previously in excellent physical condition as an athlete, but the experience of becoming pregnant presented a unique set of challenges.

She believed it was unreasonable to assume that being an athlete would make it effortless to have a baby. Her body had always been reliable, but unfortunately, it failed her this time.

Tara made the decision to share her story with the intention of being transparent about the challenges she has faced.

After five long years, she decided it was finally time to open up about her secret. She acknowledged her apprehension in allowing others to enter her life due to her ongoing difficulties.

In spite of her apprehension, she understood the significance of sharing her story, as infertility can often lead to feelings of isolation. She was interested in reaching out to other women who may be facing similar difficulties

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