When a child was about to walk into traffic, two courageous barbers jumped into action…What happened next will give you goosebumps

This video features two men who are real, authentic heroes.

While cutting hair at their barbershop in Connecticut, two men noticed a girl running alone down the sidewalk and heading straight into a busy junction.

They threw down their scissors and ran out the doors without a second thought. The toddler crosses the busy intersection only seconds before one of the males can get to her.

One of the males acknowledged that his first concern was for the small girl’s safety when he noticed her heading straight into traffic.

‘My first thought was simply, ‘I have to get there,’’ he remarked. They didn’t update a scoreboard with scores or brag to others about how amazing they were.

Rather, they focused solely on the child and responded to the need without considering their own safety..

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