As a Wedding Day Surprise, the Groom Brings a Penguin to the Ceremony (WATCH)

On their wedding day, a penguin dressed as a ring bearer stunned the groom and his new bride. Joe Keilty planned a wedding in Chester, England last month when he tied the marriage with four special guests.

Because Kerri Parry has always been infatuated with penguins, she was ecstatic to see the feathery creature entering the room next to Daniel, the best man. He and the groomsman left the wedding pretending the rings were missing.

They came back with a bucket of fish and the penguin, which had the rings wrapped around its neck with a pink ribbon. (Watch the cute video below..)

The penguin calmly endured the remainder of the ceremony before posing for pictures with the other three and the other attendees. Kerri, a Merseyside nurse, said, ‘I was so shocked and amazed.’

‘The penguins really made the day even better, but it would have been wonderful anyhow.’ I have a deep affection for penguins. All of them are simply so fascinating to me. I see them anytime I can at zoos and wildlife parks.

This Valentine’s Day, Kerri was surprised by her 36-year-old new husband Joe, an electrician, who made arrangements for her to feed the penguins at the Chester Zoo.

Joe wondered if he might get penguins to attend his wedding after learning that they enjoy having their stomachs tickled, but she was unable to touch them.

He hired the birds from a business called Amazing Animals, which has supplied wildlife for films, TV shows, and charitable uses in Europe since they established their Heythrop Zoological Gardens in 1977,

for two hours of attendance at the gala for two thousand dollars.Joe claimed that the birds were content to be petted and simply strolled around with the visitors.

They were really kind and friendly. Our wonderful day was enhanced even better by the penguins.

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