The owner of a 17th-century mansion that is valued at $89K has never washed the house properly and has not had a bath in years.

Imagine residing in a massive mansion with a castle-like appearance. It is not only exquisite, but also rich in history due to its centuries-old construction.

Many people would like to live in a setting like this, but Cornelia Bayley is one woman who is fulfilling her dream.

But there’s a major issue: she hasn’t taken a bath in a while, and she has even declined to utilize cleaning supplies to keep her home’s grounds tidy.

In an interview from 2022, Bayley talked about her past. In 1985, she purchased a home in Wales named Plas Teg.

It cost her £70,000 at the time, or about $89,000 in modern currency. Having been constructed in 1610 by Sir John Trevor I, the mansion has stood for hundreds of years.

The retired antique merchant Bayley wanted to keep the house’s original 17th-century features, but doing so would require a significant financial investment.

The woman nearly ran out of money after spending a lot on Plas Teg’s upkeep; she was left to rely only on her little pension and the sporadic haunted nights spent on the estate.

The woman acknowledged in the video that it had been more than two or three years since she had taken a bath.

She remarked, ‘I’m just living in another age because I can’t afford the hot water but people didn’t bathe all the time in the 18th century.’

In addition, Bayley disclosed that she has never cleaned her mattress, which may be a century old, or laundered her linens.

In an effort to have an additional source of revenue, she tried to make Plas Teg public, but regrettably, not everyone was happy to visit because to the unclean conditions.

Thankfully, Bayley had the “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners” program available to assist her with her major issue.

The cleaners, who couldn’t stomach the grime and germs but were still more than happy to assist her,

were taken aback when the woman initially refused to use any cleaning supplies but eventually gave in.

As they traveled, they found a number of items on the property, leading one of the cleaners to surmise

that the woman may have been a ‘hoarder’ due to the quantity of items found not just in the kitchen but also in other areas of the house.

Another issue that Bayley ran into was that she didn’t appreciate how the two moved all of her items while they were cleaning.

The woman informed the cleaners, ‘You know you can’t come to someone’s kitchen, my private room, and start putting things where you want them.’

Later in the video, Bayley was clearly agitated and informed the cameraman that she was terribly annoyed and that no one could change things for her.

When the freshly cleaned house was displayed a day later, the dirt and accumulation from the previous 29 years had been removed,

giving it an entirely new appearance. When Bayley finally showed off her spotless house, it was clear that she was pleased with the outcome.

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