While Some Criticize Pamela Anderson’s “Tragic” Hair, We Adore Her No-Makeup Look!

Pamela Anderson decided to deviate from the norm on the night of the 2024 Academy Awards, when participants were expected to dress to impress.

The actress, who was 56 years old at the time, defied accepted beauty standards for celebrities by going without makeup,

thereby highlighting her natural beauty and relying solely on her grin as an accessory. She was accompanied by her kid, whom she shares with Tommy Lee, when she went to the event.

The decision that Pamela made to defy the beauty norms of celebrities and embrace a makeup-free appearance was enhanced by the golden locks that she wore, which gracefully and easily framed her face.

Pamela’s decision to attend events without makeup was not her first time doing so; in fact, the actress had already made a commitment to this option some months ago, and she has stayed steadfast in her decision ever since.

The celebrated writer and actress, 56, looked stunning in a frock as bright as the dawn sun at the ceremony.

Her dress, with its delicate, translucent embellishments and glittering sequins, was the epitome of floral elegance.

Her son, 27-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee, accompanied her to the Vanity Fair Oscar function, his classic bow tie and tuxedo flawlessly completing her ensemble.

Although some fans applauded Pamela for her daring, many others weren’t as thrilled with her outfit selection. One person said,

‘Make up free is cool, but why did she start dressing in tablecloths?’ ‘I applaud her courage…but there’s a time and place for everything, and this just ain’t it,’ another person said.

While not wearing makeup is one thing, some others pointed out that she could have still groomed her hair. One fan said, ‘Gorgeous, but can she at least comb her hair?’ ‘The hair is tragic,’ someone else said.

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