Check out the Voice contestant’s stunning performance of “Heads Carolina, Tails California” with 30% deaf

Ashley Bryant recently competed on The Voice Knockouts and gave it her all. The Louisville, Kentucky, native, 26, definitely provided the excitement.

Both the judges and the audience were enjoying her performance. Ashley’s performance of ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’ won over a lot of viewers, and many of them posted their opinions online.

One person on YouTube says, ‘Ashley did a wonderful job on the song vocally, and her stage presence and facial expressions were a joy to watch.’

Another person comments on the performance online, saying it was enjoyable. It’s simply delightful to watch her enjoy herself while portraying the thrill of each scene.

Ashley Bryant won a seat on Team Reba earlier in this season of The Voice, impressing her with her performance of Carrie Underwood’s song ‘Last Name.’

Reba watched Ashley sing on stage during her most recent performance, and she was beaming. Ashley’s 30% deafness in her right ear is an encouraging quality about her.

‘Once I made the decision to pursue music full-time, I thought everything was gonna go good, and then my world got flipped upside down,’ Ashley said. ‘I was in an automobile accident in April of 2019.’

I nearly crushed my face on the steering wheel since the airbags didn’t go off and the seatbelt didn’t latch. I had stitches in my mouth and a fracture in my nose.

The biggest damage was done to my right ear, which ultimately caused me to lose hearing in that ear.’

Ashley, though, hasn’t let it stop her, and it’s amazing to watch her go over that hurdle and showcase her skill on The Voice!

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