Kevin Costner recently shared a long-held secret promise he made to Whitney Houston more than three decades ago.

In 1992, Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston costarred in the renowned film ‘The Bodyguard.’ The two have remained quite close ever since, with Costner even offering a eulogy at the celebrity’s death.

Nearly thirty years after their joint appearance in the film, Costner now discloses the pledge he made to Houston, which he has upheld throughout the years.

To learn more, continue reading. Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner costarred in the 1992 film ‘The Bodyguard.’

Before her death in 2012, the two of them maintained their strong relationship for the next twenty years.

The 69-year-old actor is now reflecting on his past interactions with the deceased megastar. During an interview with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman on the podcast Armchair Expert,

he talked about his time spent with Houston while filming their movie. In the romance drama The Bodyguard,

Costner portrays Houston, a well-known singer who has a stalker and falls in love with her bodyguard.

Despite critics’ mixed reviews, the movie made over $410 million worldwide at the box office and was a huge smash.

Costner disclosed, ‘I chose her.’ ‘So I was the actor, I produced it, and I chose her,’ the speaker continued.

Then, Costner revealed that although the film’s director, Mick Johnson, was ‘uncomfortable’ with Houston playing the lead role,

Costner remained steadfast in his decision-making and ensured the singer would make her feature film debut.

‘Hey, Diana Ross was the first girl I felt was attractive. My reaction when I saw her on The Ed Sullivan Show was,

‘F**k yes, let’s go, that’s pretty.’ I’m about ten years old, too. He informed the podcast hosts,

‘I am aware of what beauty is. ‘It’s not like this huge mystery; I loved her.’ I therefore understood she ought to be the one.

Costner revealed that Houston did not trust anyone else in that production, but she “trusted him” on set.

He said, ‘I had a promise to her, so I started to mentor her. I wasn’t trying to usurp my director.’

‘I assured Whitney that she would look good in it.That was my commitment to her—we had this movie that worked.

In the song, she says she will always love me, and I always swear to keep my word to her. Even after the movie’s production was completed, they stayed close.

They were so close that in February 2012, at the singer’s public memorial, Costner was invited to give a eulogy.

The actor told Shepard and Padman that, at first, he had not planned to speak at her burial, but that legend Dionne Warwick had persuaded him to reconsider.

‘Yes, I just said.’ She was carrying a weight that I could feel shifting to me. How am I going to describe this little girl?

He said that when he returned to the church in Newark, it was packed. It had an electrifying quality.

The chapel was lively, with two bands playing. It happened suddenly. When Costner saw Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer in the audience,

he confessed to feeling unqualified to speak at the funeral and wanted to ask them to speak in his place.

‘I’ve been preparing for this speech…And I made an effort to gather all of my ideas before crafting this speech,’ he remarked.

‘Someone mentioned that since CNN was present, they wouldn’t mind if you cut your statements short because they would be airing ads.

‘They can get over that,’ I responded. I don’t mind if they play the commercial while I’m speaking.

Houston’s public commemoration featured eight speakers, including Costner. His speech, which received high appreciation,

discussed how ‘I Will Always Love You’ was not the first option to appear in ‘The Bodyguard,’ but rather ‘What Becomes of a Broken Heart.’

He questioned the assembly, ‘So, what becomes of our broken hearts?’ ‘I urge everyone, inside and outside, across the nation and around the world, to dry our tears,

suspend our sorrow and perhaps our anger just long enough, just long enough to remember the sweet miracle of Whitney,’ the statement reads. Whitney is returning home today to the location where it all began.

Whitney co-executive produced The Bodyguard, a movie whose music was possibly even more popular than the actual picture.

Her rendition of Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ is still among the all-time best-selling physical singles.

She also recorded six new songs specifically for the movie. The song has achieved 18 platinum certifications.

In 1994, it even brought home the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Album of the Year for Houston. The RIAA went on to name the CD the best-selling Soundtrack CD of the Century.

Reminiscing on his time with Houston, Costner said on the red carpet of the 2022 Oscars that the singer ‘was a really street-smart girl,

she knew stuff.’ Costner recalls, ‘I knew she could handle the part but she wasn’t sure she could handle it.’

‘She had to make a decision at one point, and I saw that she trusted me, so that’s when it started.’

He smiled as he remembered, ‘That was my promise to her, that she’d look great and be great.’ Two Oscar nominations for the movie were made, one for Best Original Song.

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