The interaction between the parrot and the talking toy bird is very entertaining.

The planet is home to a wide variety of unusual animals. Furthermore, it’s not common to witness an actual parrot conversing with a play bird.

This video begins with the toy bird tweeting, powered by a battery, and the pet parrot responding as it moves about.

The parrot talks back at the toy while starting to nibble at it. The parrot tries to resume the conversation when the toy suddenly becomes silent.

The toy duplicates the precise tone of the sound the parrot makes. The gadget mimics everything the parrot says as they start a conversation.

Someone says, ‘I love you,’ and someone else says, ‘I love you,’ back. The parrot is vigorously playing with the toy, and we can hear it whistling.

The parrot keeps saying, ‘I love you.’ In reply, the toy says, ‘I love you.’ It’s absurd. This is unlike anything I have ever seen.

In a kitchen island drawer, a faux parrot and a real parrot are playing together. It’s hilarious. It’s a protracted copycat game. The item is somehow set up to repeat anything is spoken,

and the parrot loves playing with it. By the end of this contact, the parrot might even think of the toy as a real bird.

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