Mom sends out hundreds of invitations for her daughter’s birthday party by mistake. Look what happened next

Emily King described how she created an invitation for her child’s birthday celebration in a YouTube video.

She had one more chore to do before the system sent out the electronic invitation. ‘And I assumed that meant import to select through when I saw the word ‘import contacts’ on Evite,’ Emily added.

‘No, it invited everyone in my 487 contacts to this birthday party by importing them all.” Sadly for Emily,

it didn’t get any worse than that. Every person on Emily’s phone received an invitation, which were addressed to them according to their phone list.

However, she added, ‘it sent an invitation based on how they are stored on my phone.’ And I want you to simply

take a moment to consider every person you have stored on your phone, including the way they are stored there, and then picture them getting an invitation.

According to Emily, the invitations were sent to individuals who were addressed as ‘old man, neighbor’

and ‘Jess, hit her car in parking lot.” Emily was able to laugh at the accident, despite the fact that it sounds like an extremely embarrassing

but humorous scenario. You could only laugh about it and hope that other people would find humor in it if anything similar happened.

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