When Bruce Willis worked with The Temptations for ‘Under the Boardwalk’, it was a memorable musical performance. Video

I adore listening to Bruce Willis sing! His voice is chilly and gruff, and it sounds wonderful. Seeing him belt out a song with the Temptations is amazing.

Despite his enormous star power, he fits in with the other guys quite well. Who would have imagined that action hero Bruce Willis and The Temptations would collaborate on a cover of ‘Under the Boardwalk’ back in 1987?

This song was on Bruce’s album ‘The Return of Bruno’. When it arrived on the shelves, it definitely made an impression!

He is clearly enjoying himself, swaying in his T-shirt and trousers even though everyone else is decked up to the nines. For him, that must have been a blast.

You are aware of how much he enjoys acting silly! He even gives the sax solo a little sway. What an executive! You kind of wish he had released more songs, don’t you?

He’ll always be associated with ‘Die Hard,’ but this video is just fantastic. Bruce continued his career after The Temptations.

His CD featured a variety of musical styles, supported by well-known performers like Booker T. Jones and The Pointer Sisters. The sound combination perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the time.

A timeless rendition of ‘Under the Boardwalk’ Unbelievably, this song peaked at number two in the UK in 1987!

‘The Return of Bruno’ achieved a gold certification even though it did not top the charts domestically.

For an actor, not too bad, huh? This video demonstrates the man’s versatility with action, humor, and singing.

When you watch him slaying moves between Melvin Franklin and Otis Williams, you can’t help but smile. How iconic! Does this remind you of anything in particular?

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