Exclusive footage reveals the grown-up children of Cruise and Kidman

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted two kids thirty years ago. Unfortunately, Kidman seems to forget about them following their divorce.

Photographers have recently at last managed to get images of their adult children. This couple was well-known at the time and regarded as one of the most attractive and powerful in Hollywood.

They oddly didn’t have biological children of their own. Tom Cruise adopted a girl in 1992.

When their parents separated, their adopted son was just six years old. Following the divorce, the court ordered that both of them care for the children.

However, Nicole Kidman was unable to spend time with them due to her constant travel and acting schedule. This is a current photo of their daughter, Isabella.

Kidman was powerless to stop her ex-husband’s fervent Scientology-related beliefs from influencing her kids. It seemed like the only thing she could do was let go.

It’s significant to remember that Scientology also caused Tom Cruise’s second marriage to fail. Nicole Kidman then got married to a guitarist and gave birth to her own biological children.

The gifted actress ceased communicating with her grown-up adopted children.

They were recently captured on camera for the first time in two years.

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