Lady Gaga collaborates with The Rolling Stones on “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” . Video

‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven,’ a new song by the English rock group ‘The Rolling Stones,’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Hackney Diamonds.’

The inclusion of Lady Gaga’s vocals and Steve Wonder’s music is what makes this song unique. Their mesmerizing piano skills and strong voices have enhanced this tune.

In the past, Mick Jagger has lauded Gaga’s vocals, referring to her as a ‘true great singer.’

He underlined that she demonstrated her strikingly original musical interpretation during the recording of ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven.’

The leader of the band added that while it was difficult for them all to work together, the artist soon adjusted to the musicians’ approach.

The singer revealed on her Instagram story how she ended herself singing a duet with ‘The Rolling Stones’ by accident.

The celebrity went on to say that Jagger asked her if she would like to remain with them while they recorded their upcoming album.

‘After sitting on the floor, I was given a microphone and headphones by someone. I tried to learn the melody by listening to the music, and then I began to harmonize and improvise.

‘The Rolling Stones’ will be releasing their first album in eighteen years, by the way. There will be a wide variety of musical styles included, including dance, country, and rock ballads.

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