The principal is alone at school; keep an eye on him.This man could be the coolest principal ever! Video

Every winter, as a child, I looked forward to ‘snow days’ days when there was enough snow or ice to prevent school buses from operating, giving us the day off from school.

I used to enjoy sleeping in and then getting up to enjoy all the winter activities youngsters engage in, such as sledding, snowball battles, and general fun.

During the recent snow storm Jonas, the kids at Waterloo Elementary School in Maryland stayed indoors under warm blankets.

Their administrator made the decision to go to school, set up a camera, and produce an incredible viral film in order to make the most of the snow day.

Sean Martin has been the principal for eleven years now, and I think he’s the coolest principal ever!

Sean went to school and made a video of himself playing basketball in the gym, sliding on the floors, and having a good time in the hallways.

There’s also a special cameo from the school janitor. When they watched the movie for themselves, the school’s parents, instructors, and kids were ecstatic.

Martin, 42, says he believed his community and staff would value a humorous viewpoint on what happens in schools on snow days.

Before he knew it, it had gone viral after he had sent it to his employees. After watching the video below, kindly let us know what you thought by posting a Facebook comment!

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