With Their Unexpected Balancing Act, Elder Best Friends(84,54) Wow Judges on America’s Got Talent

Edson and Leon, two old best friends, appeared to be a talented pair, but the America’s Got Talent judges were unable to determine what exactly they would perform during their audition.

However, the judges and the audience were both taken aback by the two men’s unexpected balancing routine, which they performed with style.

About fourteen years ago, these two guys crossed paths. These Brazilians agreed to pool their resources and collaborate because they both have a passion for performing.

These days, 84-year-old Leon and 54-year-old Edson are proving that becoming older shouldn’t stop you from following your goals.

There was uncertainty about the nature of this duo’s performance as they entered the stage dressed in business attire.

Following a brief introduction, the men took their place in the center of the stage, where the music began.

Two Old Men Performing a Balancing Act Everyone appeared a little nervous until Leon and Edson took off their coats and launched into an incredible balancing routine.

Edson serves as the base while Leon is effortlessly raised into the air. Nothing in this routine lends credence to the notion that these two men are elderly.

This is the ideal illustration of why age is but a number. The entire theater stood up to applaud when the music ended.

An act such as this requires not just a great deal of time and practice, but it is also physically taxing. Simon Cowell was gushing about the two entertaining people.

This caught me off guard. We made this show specifically to find folks just like you. Sincerely, this was one of my favorite performances.

The two easily receives four ‘yes’ votes from the judges, advancing them to the competition’s next round. Guys, you go! Watch: Best friends, ages 54 and 84, hand balance each other.

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