“From a Garage to a Dream Home!”: The Story of How a Single Woman Transformed an Old Garage into a Perfect, Spacious Home

This woman’s concept was rejected by everyone, but the outcome was incredible! The woman created a gorgeous three-story house out of an old garage.

Prepare to be taken aback

Occasionally, people have amazing insights that take the world by surprise. Martha Nowicki is one of those people who really did manage to buy an old garage in a nice neighborhood and turn it into something stunning.

Despite criticism from friends and acquaintances, she converted the garage into a 126 square meter home in less than a year.

There is a lot more within the house than what is seen from the outside. In London, where apartments are highly expensive,

Martha purchased a garage, so the woman didn’t even think twice about purchasing at least that garage.

We would like to notify you that Martha is a well-known architect who was able to redesign the structure right away.

The gate was taken down, and a ‘secret’ door that disappears into the wall was installed by Martha in an effort to maintain the original architecture.

In this manner, the home continued to have the appearance of two stories. One level was lowered to make the house resemble a conventional two-story structure;

sunlight entered the room only through tiny windows situated above the floor. A gorgeous living area was furnished with a wood burner, which added a unique cozy vibe.

Not only that, but the third floor’s ceiling and a portion of the floors on each of the above stories are composed of glass.

The multi-story room is cleverly brought together by these entirely translucent islands, which also give the limited area an airy feel.

Once the renovations were finished, the architect provided a quick tour of the home.

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