It’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see this week. A gorgeous and endearing cat that adores horseback riding with its owner!

One cat is shown in a YouTube video enjoying a peculiar hobby of riding horses. Cats are quite shy and circumspect animals by nature.

They approach everyone with the utmost delicacy and attention, and they sniff everything completely.

They don’t want to expose themselves to potential harm or attack. The three-minute animation tells the story of a stray cat that finds a young woman and stays by her side forever.

Keith, the cat, rapidly grows attached to her. She even calls the creature a ‘Velcro kitty.’ That cat accompanied Angela everywhere she went, even on horseback rides.

When Angela finally made the decision to bring Keith along on horseback rides, the cat seemed to really like it and wasn’t at all afraid.

Angela made sure Keith was prepared for his horseback trips by dressing him in what is arguably the cutest cowboy hat.

Keith was unfazed by the jarring and movement that come with riding a horse. Even though Keith appears to prefer riding horses, it’s possible that he just wants to be near Angela so he can feel safe and comfortable in her arms.

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