Here is what Robyn Denice Moore, Mel Gibson’s ex-wife, did with the $425 million she received in the divorce.

After 31 years of marriage and seven children, Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn Denice Moore made the decision to divorce eighteen years ago.

Mel Gibson owed Robyn $425 million at the time of the divorce, making it the most costly divorce in recorded history.

Mel Gibson was a young actor with aspirations of becoming a huge star in Hollywood when he met Robyn Denice Moore, who would later become his wife.

But a single role that catapulted him into celebrity would soon alter his entire life. His major break came with the release of Mad Max in 1979. He was married to Robyn the next year and had his first child.

Mel has a lengthy history as an actor and producer of motion pictures. In addition to his numerous appearances, he has also fathered a number of kids. What is the number of Mel Gibson’s children?

Mel and Robyn were married for 31 years and have seven children together. Hannah Gibson, 44, was born the same year the couple got married. She is their first child.

The twins Edward, 42, and Christian, 42, who were born in 1982, came next. Three more years would pass before Mel and Robyn welcomed their second child, a 39-year-old boy, in 1985.

Three more years later, in 1988, Louis Gibson, now 36, was born. There would be more sons born, including 34-year-old Milo Gibson two years later.

Thomas Gibson, 25, is the couple’s seventh and last child, having been born in 1999. Mel Gibson is the father of two more children by two distinct women.

Lucia Gibson, his second daughter, was born in 2009 to Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva. And eight years later, the actor’s youngest child, Lars Gerard Gibson, was born.

Rosalind Ross, 33, is Mel’s girlfriend. Rosalind Ross, Mel Gibson’s most recent romantic partner, was a screenwriter for one of his movies in 2014 when they first met.

Rosalind was born in 1990, so Mel is 34 years older than her, but because they have been dating for ten years,

it doesn’t seem like an issue for their relationship. Rosalind has kept up her acting profession as well.

After 31 years of marriage, Mel’s longest relationship is with his ex-wife, Robyn Denice Moore.

The pair decided to split up in 2003 since their love had started to wane. Before Robyn eventually filed for divorce, they continued to be married for three more years.

Robyn and Mel Gibson settled their divorce with a sum of approximately $425 million. This amounted to about 50% of Gibson’s estimated net worth and turned into one of the most costly divorce agreements in Hollywood history.

Robyn was a dental hygienist before she met Mel, and she wasn’t drawn to the spotlight. Robyn’s current occupation is unknown, but given the $425 million she received in the divorce,

it seems unlikely that she will ever need to work again. Mel Gibson’s ex-wife reportedly has two previous homes in the region in addition to the one she purchased in 2022 in Malibu, California, according to the magazine Nicki Swift.

Beyond her properties, Robyn’s current activities remain unknown, despite the fact that her property purchases are yet another indication that she is worry-free about money.

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