Fans argue that Pamela Anderson, 56, “did not age well” in response to her most recent makeup-free appearance.

In terms of her makeup-free appearances, Pamela Anderson has gained some notoriety in recent months.

The actress, who was once regarded as an international sex symbol (in large part because of her memorable performance in Baywatch),

seems to have chosen to go natural rather than follow the usual standards that almost all Hollywood women follow.

Although what Anderson chooses to do or not do with her face may not be extremely contentious or anyone else’s concern,

this is the twenty-first century, the internet exists, and as such, decisions like the one Pamela made can and will be analyzed by the general public.

The 56-year-old took to social media to share her skincare routine and methods for achieving smooth, glowing skin as she celebrated the one-year anniversary of her company, Sonsie.

The aforementioned photo sent social media users into a frenzy, with many commenters apparently annoyed by Pamela’s age and makeup-free face (yeah, honestly).

It appears that some of her fan base is so overcome with nostalgia that they are unable to accept the truth that she has changed and grown since her Baywatch days.

She is just 56 years old. Let that sink in,’ someone commented. One more said, ‘She aged horribly.’

‘Did not age well,’ remarked a third person. One person said, ‘Aging is a terrible thing,’ while another said, ‘It looks like you’re three years older than me.’ The 1990s were a great decade!

It should be noted, though, that for every critic, there were supporters of Anderson’s appearance who had a more upbeat outlook.

We can only hope that the actress has been in the business long enough to have learned how to ignore the negative talk from others.

In fact, the 56-year-old’s recent appearance has divided admirers before. When Anderson deviated from her makeup-free appearance for her Met Gala debut earlier this year, it was noticeable.

The 56-year-old model wore a stunning cream-colored gown that Oscar de la Renta created especially for the occasion.

It was adorned with crystals and diamond chains and was purportedly worth around 200 carats from Pandora.

It would be an understatement to say that she looked amazing that evening, mixing it up with the cream of the entertainment world’s who’s who. And what about her makeup?

Pamela presented a pretty face to the world, though, one that was subtly enhanced with matte lipstick,

pink blush, and gold eye shadow. And yet, some individuals were still willing to find fault with the way she looked.

‘Pam, this isn’t it. Could’ve done so much better in this situation, particularly with the hair. Not at all a good look,

someone wrote at the time. Despite her age, she appears older. Another said, ‘More like a woman in her mid-60s.’

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