The Cute Reaction of a Golden Retriever When It Meets Pluto Will Warm Your Heart

One YouTube video demonstrates that followers of Mickey Mouse and company are not limited to young audiences.

Their fan base even includes four-legged, furry people. In this brief but endearing video, Forest, a service dog who is a golden retriever,

is seen patiently waiting beside a wheelchair user on a Disney cruise ship until all of a sudden Pluto turns the corner.

The figure moves fast to get close to Forest, who is ecstatic to see him.The video’s text makes it apparent that Forest enjoys conversing and meeting Disney characters.

But Forest has a particular place in his heart for Pluto. His favorite planet is Pluto. In the video,

Forest approaches the character acting as though he has found his long-lost best friend again while holding a tiny plush Pluto in his mouth.

Given that Forest can’t get enough of Pluto, it’s probably the most priceless sight you’ll see all day. What a charming and priceless occasion! Disney is adored by dogs as well!

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