A judge accuses a boy of using a recorded piano track, but there is a remarkable response from the boy.

The whole point of talent shows, to be honest, is to display skills that the majority of people cannot and do not possess. But some skills are just too fantastic to be real.

Adrian Romoff is a young prodigy who excels in several areas, including playing the piano. He is currently in the eighth grade, having already skipped three grades at the age of nine.

However, he also finished the criteria for the eighth and ninth grades this year, meaning that, in the words of Judge Howie Mandell, ‘you’ll be in college in two years!’ His mother remarked,

‘I don’t know where this kid gets everything from.’ ‘As a parent, I consider him a gift because he is so intelligent and musical.’

When the young player began to play, the judge was left perplexed. The youngster does not let her down at all; in fact, she had to ask him to play something different to confirm that he is the one behind the instrument.

True brilliance is unmatched, and no charge could ever undermine this boy’s self-assurance and self-worth. He is very remarkable.

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