An elderly barbershop quartet entertains passengers during a flight delay.

As all travelers know, sometimes the most difficult part of a trip is getting to your destination.

This was the case with travelers from Indianapolis to New Orleans, who had to endure a stressful five-hour wait after boarding,

which frequently caused annoyance and tension. A Flight Attendant’s Ingenious Approach A unusual approach was taken by flight attendant Kari Mann in an attempt to defuse the situation.

As she greeted passengers, she noted that among them was Port City Sound, an old-fashioned barbershop quartet.

With a century-long legacy in Maine, the quartet consists of Fred Moore (tenor), Walt Dowling (lead),

Jim Curtiss (baritone), and Jim Simpson (bassist). An Event to Remember Kari saw a chance to make the wait something to remember.

She proposed that the quartet play for the aircraft. They all agreed, and the positive energy they exuded changed the atmosphere on board.

After Kari recorded this unique occasion, she posted it to YouTube, where it received a lot of attention—over 8.8 million views and many encouraging comments—very rapidly.

A Devoted Daughter’s Confirmation Walt Dowling’s lead singer daughter Kelly Emerson was one of the commentators.

She thanked everyone for sharing the video and conveyed her delight in her father’s performance, pointing out how it made an annoying delay more fun.

Watch the touching Port City Sound performance on the delayed flight, which is captured in the video below. It was a moment that brought tension-filled faces to a grin.

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