The judges are captivated by his incredibly deep bass voice on ‘Sound of Silence.’

‘The Sound of Silence’ is a timeless song that gained popularity in the 1960s. It was first performed by the folk-rock group Simon & Garfunkel, who sold millions of copies of their greatest hits.

The lyrical song expresses both bright and gloom in its lyrics, and the lovely music also conveys strong feelings. It is therefore impossible for anyone to dislike this song, especially rock stars.

Even though the song has been utilized as an audition piece a million times, each time gave it a unique life.

Similar to how Angelo Del Vecchio sang the song during his The Voice France audition. Wearing skin-tight slacks and an all-black ensemble,

he steps onto the platform prepared to give it his all as if it were his last. And the moment he struck his first note, all of the judges were taken aback.

This kind of performance was unexpected by both the judges and the studio audience. Angelo’s flawless low bass voice gave the tune a fresh soul. When the song reaches its chorus, he lets out a breathy, husky voice.

In the backstage area, Angelo’s friends and family are agitated, but he remains composed. He keeps giving it his all on stage, but thus far no one has come around to him.

Just in time for the song to conclude, judge Florent Pagny finally turned around. And Angelo gave a big smile.

Bass-vocalists are typically more suited for classical music, but Angelo showed that he is capable of singing anything!

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