An emotional husband surprises his stepchildren during his wedding by asking for adoption.

It’s always a touching moment when a newlywed returns home with his spouse, but in this case, the groom officially welcomed his two new daughters as well as his wife.

People everywhere are grinning at this endearing video of the groom and his new children, whom he surprised at the adoption altar.

At the San Marino Club in Troy, Michigan, on August 13, Dontes surprised the girls during their wedding.

Speaking with his now-wife Michelle Burton, 26, earlier this year, the thoughtful groom came up with the concept.

Dontes decided that the best time to adopt his stepdaughters would be during his own wedding, so he decided to do so while they were still young.

Therefore, Dontes made a unique request that made his and his children’ hearts sing after he had declared his vows to Michelle.

Since he gives in to their demands more often than he does to mom, he calls the daughters “daddy’s girls” and claims to have gotten fairly close to them over the years.

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