An 84-year-old man leaves the audience in stitches as he belts out a hilarious and cheeky tune!

One of the funniest America’s Got Talent performances is shown below. It was played by Ray Jessel, a man of extraordinary talent.
Jessel was born in 1929 and graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in music.

He was awarded a scholarship as a graduate student to study composition under Arthur Honegger in Paris for a year. In the 1990s, Jessel started writing songs for albums and performing comedic songs at parties.

But at seventy-two, he made his stage debut, creating his own cabaret act, which he performed until just before he passed away.

Jessel won the 2004 Bistro Award in addition to five MAC Awards for ‘Original Song.’ His 84-year-old America’s Got Talent audition attracted media attention right away.

Why wouldn’t it, too? He sang a very beautiful song that was both shameless and amazing at the same time.

His performance speaks for itself. Jessel performed his own comic song ‘What She’s Got – The Penis Song’ on the piano at his audition.

The judges were among the entire audience who burst out laughing. Even the internet went viral with the funny act.

He died in 2015, a year later, but not before leaving behind incredible performances, like the one below!

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