The internet is going crazy over this adorable father-and-son car jam set to Frank Sinatra!

One of the performers whose songs will never go out of style is Frank Sinatra. Father Matt Clayton and son Archie are well aware of this, as evidenced by the success of their music video for ‘Me and My Shadow.’

Co-written by Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., this upbeat tune would make a lovely duet for Matt and Archie. Matt impersonates Frank Sinatra with a convincing smooth and charming style of singing, reminiscent of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

However, young Archie does a fantastic job with Davis’s portions. Cute video of a father and kid performing a duet went viral online, demonstrating how much fun they are having.

Matt and Archie’s cover became a YouTube phenomenon with 2.3 million views. It may surprise you to learn that the Claytons’ rendition of ‘Me and My Shadow’ ends up being more well-liked on YouTube than the original recording.

Online watchers were delighted by the pair’s singing skills as well as the heartwarming moment of family unity. ‘This is amazing,’ said one of the viewers’ remarks.

How many kids can actually sing along to any Frank Sinatra song? Take it on! who inquired as to if anyone had heard the young person harmonizing the final few phrases.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to hear and play the harmony line at that age for a child? His calling is singing! A great YouTube video of Davis and Sinatra singing ‘Me and My Shadow’ live may be found here.

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