An adorable video of a dad and his 7-year-old daughter recording their mom’s favorite song has gone viral, with over 31 million views! Video

One of the most exquisite relationships in the world is that between a father and daughter. Even that a daughter gets most of her characteristics from her father is said to exist.

You’ll definitely assume the girl has a lovely voice as well when you hear this father sing. However, in a matter of seconds, you’ll be grinning and your heart will melt as she joins her father in song.

When Dave and his seven-year-old daughter performed a cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow,’ it went viral online.

Crosby began singing at a very young age and became well-known when she and her father posted their singing talents on YouTube. Even The Ellen DeGeneres Show has featured this pair.

After hearing them sing, it will be obvious to you why they are so well-liked. Your heart will melt for this adorable little girl with her sweet voice.

We’re excited to hear more from this duo and wish them many success. Please watch the entire movie below and let us know what you thought by posting a Facebook comment!

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