Ed Sheeran hears a fan singing “perfect harmony” and invites her to join him on stage.

Ed Sheeran’s Private Berlin Concert: A Trip From Depressing to Joyful Ed Sheeran performed in Berlin’s Admiralspalast on April 17, 2023, a location far smaller than his typical stadium shows.

Unlike the large crowds Sheeran usually plays to, Admiralspalast, which can hold 1,500 people, provided his supporters with a unique, intimate experience, according to Berliner Zeitung.

Take A Deep Dive Into New Sounds with Subtract Sheeran captivated the audience with new songs and themes from his recent album, “Subtract,” during his Berlin concert.

Radio Hamburg emphasized the initial gloomy mood as listeners were engrossed in the song “Subtract’s” profound emotional depth.

From Observance to Festivity Sheeran reportedly urged the audience to get out of their initial somber atmosphere by joking, “Now it’s enough being sad, let’s party.”

As the evening went on, his tone changed, and “Afterglow” was especially well-received, according to all accounts.

A Special Bond with Supporters Sheeran chose to perform unplugged and unscripted, startling and delighting fans by turning off all electronics and microphones in defiance of the venue’s 10 p.m. curfew.

This action made for a genuine, impromptu musical experience. The best part was when Sheeran interacted with the audience and performed acoustic versions of songs like “Perfect” and “A Team.”

See the video below for an immersive look at this remarkable occasion.

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