Sir Tom Jones’s spontaneous performance of “It’s Not Unusual” had Meghan Trainor mesmerized on The Voice.

During a memorable episode of The Voice UK, Olly Murs asked Sir Tom Jones about his debut single ‘It’s Not Unusual.’

Jones playfully interrupted by saying, ‘I haven’t heard it in such a long time, that song.’ Ever the gentleman, Sir Tom gave in to the demands of the audience and sang his hit song brilliantly.

His voice was deceiving, given his advanced age of 79 when he performed. When comparing Sir Tom’s performance on The Voice to the 1964 studio version of ‘It’s Not Unusual,’ one can see how much his ability to deliver the goods hasn’t altered.

When the well-known Welsh baritone sang his signature song in his cherished honeyed voice, the audience went absolutely crazy.

Tiger has a long history of being a fantastic performer, and when he has his act together, he really turns up the charisma for an incredible show. However, he is most known for his singing.

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