A 1984 home video shows Susan Boyle performing “The Way We Were” before her popularity and fame.

Susan Boyle hardly needs an introduction these days. She is among the most unexpected and well-known contestants on the popular talent competition, Britain’s Got Talent.

She didn’t really match the show’s description of the ideal singer when she originally showed up for the audition. Everyone teased her since she was older and appeared disheveled and unkempt.

But her beautiful voice silenced them all. Everyone was left chewing their words as she spoke with the angelic voice.

She went on to become a household name and an incredible star even though she was not the winner of that season of Britain’s Got Talent. She will undoubtedly become well-known someday with a voice like that.

She has now earned the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Although it took her years to succeed, her tenacity and endurance paid off greatly. A unique look into her past can be seen in the video that follows.

Even back then, her voice was utterly mesmerizing, and the audience loved her too. Maybe no one in the room ever thought they would witness a future superstar perform in such a personal setting!

Although there is some blurry footage, you have to admit that her voice was amazing! Please watch the entire movie below and let us know what you thought by posting a Facebook comment!

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