‘Smallest Baby Ever Born’ at Chicago Hospital Leaves for Home Six Months Later

At just 22 weeks, Nyla Howard was born. She is referred to as a ‘micro-preemie” in a YouTube video.

She was as heavy as a soup can, her skin was still translucent, and her lungs were underdeveloped.

The reason the infant was born so early was that preeclampsia had been identified in her mother. The video also mentions that young Nyla had a 10 percent chance of making it out alive.

However, that adorable little child overcame those difficulties, and after six months in the hospital, she is now at home with her parents.

She weighed ten pounds when she was discharged from the hospital. She started out crying, according to one of the child’s medical team members, who also referred to her as a fighter.

Nyla’s mother is appreciative of her tiny miracle child. In all honesty, Nyla’s mother replied, ‘I just don’t have the words.’‘We simply cannot express how thankful we are that she is here, healthy, and doing so well.’

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