Look at Miley Cyrus and Metallica’s Incredible “Nothing Else Matters” Cover in Live Performance!

The 2019 cover of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Miley Cyrus, daughter of country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus, felt like a song crafted specifically for her.

When Cyrus sang the song during her 2019 Glastonbury act, she was on the verge of divorcing and had just lost her house to wildfires in California.

She clarified that the song was what brought her there as she was aware of nothing else being important. Later, Miley performed the song one again on the 2021 tribute album The Blacklist.

The well-known musician and composer Elton John provided piano accompaniment for Miley in her rendition.

John is clearly a talented musician, and Miley’s gritty, raw vocal gives the song a genuine emotional quality.

Miley sang the lead, then Metallica frontman James Hetfield, appearing every bit as at ease, took the lead. Speaking about the song’s beginnings, he claimed that it was among the most vulnerable.

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