Watch: A Guy In A Gas Station Captivates Everyone With His Singing

James ‘Bear’ Bailey is the man singing in the Louisiana petrol station. In addition to impressing the other patrons, his soothing voice made Bear a global phenomenon!

This video starts with the cashier asking the customer to sing some Keith Urban. The man gives a small laugh and consents to sing.

The entire store is in awe as the man with tattoos all over his arms and a Rolling Stones shirt starts belting out Keith Urban’s ‘Til Summer Comes.’

A Gas Station Guy’s Song Goes Viral The person standing next to him seems surprised by the voice originating from this regular customer.

James Bailey, a.k.a. Bear, is a Louisiana native who rose to fame with his internet singing videos in gas stations.

People now approach him to sing at strange stores. As he plays John Legend’s ‘All of Me,’ a girl in the back applauds him and says, ‘OK, Bear!’

As believers, it is our duty to shine so that others may see Christ, just as Bear does not hide his gift.

Remember how you may shine brightly when you have the living power of Jesus inside of you as you watch this video of a guy singing in a petrol station.

Although the world may not see much promise in us, everything is possible with God. We have the ability to speak up and spread the good word throughout our communities and neighborhoods.

It is up to us to defend our beliefs and freely communicate. We can use whatever we do for the glory of God. Today, how can you shine your light for people around you?

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