Everybody is saying the same thing about Clint Eastwood’s most recent appearance at his daughter’s wedding.

Although there haven’t been many recent sightings of Clint Eastwood, fans were overjoyed to see the renowned actor at his daughter’s wedding.

The 27-year-old expectant bride exchanged vows on her well-known father’s California property, and the touching pictures went viral on social media.

The youngest of Clint’s eight children, Morgan Eastwood, wed energy salesperson Tanner Koopmans at the age of 27.

The bride captured an incredibly wonderful moment on her wedding day, looking stunning in a cream-colored silk gown paired with a delicate lace veil.

Attending the ceremony, her delighted father Clint was seen in a heartwarming picture tenderly petting his daughter’s growing belly.

Fans couldn’t help but compliment the adored veteran actor, pointing out how fantastic the 94-year-old icon looks, as social media was ablaze with love for the lovely photographs.

‘Clint looks great, and they all look happy celebrating the occasion,’ exclaimed a delighted fan. ‘Clint Eastwood is still so handsome, and wow at 94!’ said another. He is a legendary figure.

Laurie Murray, Clint’s eldest child, is 69 years old, while Morgan is his youngest. Laurie was adopted by a couple and was born while Clint was engaged to someone else.

It wasn’t until years later that Laurie contacted Clint that he learned of her existence. The father and daughter pair were introduced late in life, but they have since grown close.

Similar to Clint, Arnold Schwarzenegger is revered as a loving parent and a Hollywood icon. Online users have been moved by his strong relationship with his son Joseph Baena, who was once kept a secret.

Joseph, however, had deeper motivations than one might assume for his decision to forgo taking on his father’s last name.

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