This year, the most popular YouTuber in the world built 100 homes in disaster-stricken areas in South America.

The most popular YouTuber in the world continued to show that his channel is for more than just bizarre videos with a video titled ‘I Built 100 Houses And Gave Them Away.’

With 300 million subscribers, James Donaldson, often known as ‘MrBeast,’ is watched by millions of people for his insane exploits and general antics,

such as destroying a half-million-dollar Lamborghini and employing a real assassin to try to track him down.

However, MrBeast has donated millions upon millions of dollars to charitable causes, so the money made from these heinous acts of viral material goes toward more than just his cost of production.

The iconic blindfold reveal and every family’s response were captured on camera, creating a nine-minute montage of happy tears, joyful leaps, and Spanish-language celebrations.

This is only the most recent in Mr. Beast’s charitable endeavors, some of which support initiatives on his subchannel Beast Philanthropy.

He has assisted 1,000 children and young adults in receiving cochlear implants, built wells for African villages,

organized numerous sizable fundraisers for the construction of solar power plants, fed families, and other causes.

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