Lily Allen, the pop star, admitted that her music career was ‘completely ruined’ by her two children.

There is still disagreement over whether women can ‘have it all,’ especially when ‘all’ includes a hard pop music career.

Lily Allen cleverly draws attention to how difficult it may be to reconcile the obligations of parenthood with pop stardom,

particularly if one wants to play a significant role in both. She completely accepts the trade-off and has no regrets about it.

With her breakthrough hit, Smile, released in 2006 at the age of 21, the singer-actor made a big impression on the music industry.

The song was an instant hit, peaking at No. 1 on the UK charts and establishing Allen as one of the biggest music performers in Britain for a number of years.

But Allen, 38, admitted in a recent conversation that having a child put a stop to her singing career.

According to Lily, ‘My children ruined my career.’ ‘I adore them, they make me whole, but they completely ruined my pop stardom,’ she continued.

In elaborating on her argument, Allen expressed dissatisfaction with the idea that a person may achieve equal success in their work and as a parent. ‘Does not mix,’ the woman underlined.

‘To be honest, I find it really annoying when people say you can have it all.’ The artist went on to say that,

based on her own upbringing by film producer Alison Owen and actor Keith Allen, she found pleasure in her decision to prioritize parenting her children.

Lily Allen, who is most known for his performance in Stranger Things, lives with her children and her spouse David Harbour.

Lily Allen had two daughters with her former partner, Sam Cooper. Allen grew up in the entertainment industry, so she is familiar with the pressures.

Indeed, she had once given a monologue on Twitter regarding the topic of celebrity parents’ kids. ‘It really left some nasty scars that I’m not willing to repeat [on my children],’

the woman remarked. ‘I’m glad I chose to focus on them and take a step back because I believe they’re pretty well-rounded individuals.’

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