The crowd stops talking when a surprise guest joins a street performer in song.

This is a another perspective on the street show. During a recent music industry trade show, artist Guitaro5000 requested audience members to volunteer to sing.

It wasn’t long before people noticed that Micah Christian was something unique. Ezoic Guitaro5000,

whose real name is Reginald Guilluame, was unaware that Micah and his group Sons of Serendip had advanced to the America’s Got Talent Season 9 finals.

Even while the audience may not be aware of this, everyone understands that Micah’s rendition of Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ is excellent.

The background of Guitaro5000 is equally intriguing: he performs street shows across the United States, inviting passersby to join him on stage.

‘To create a way for people to experience a sense of happiness and freedom they did not feel before,’is the stated goal of the song, which he names ‘Sing With Me.’

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