This is how the child who now holds the record for the longest eyelashes in the world looks: ‘He has a wonderful gift from nature.’

You might be surprised to learn that the guy with the longest eyelashes is a handsome young man rather than a gorgeous girl.

You’ll be shocked to learn that they are only 3 inches long! Muin Rachonaev is rather proud of his unique appearance as a result.

Because of this special quality, he is even included in the Guinness Book of World Records. Furthermore, eyelashes continue to get longer over time due to continuous growth.

The infant boy’s appearance when he was first brought into the world shocked everyone. The doctors even examined him, and it was clear that the endearing man had recently received a gift from mother nature.

Researchers deduced that Muin’s exceptional health was due to his Tajik background because he showed no symptoms of disease. Muin belonged to the Tajik tribe.

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