Brave Woman asks Strangers to Join in Singing Their Unplanned Concert will make your day better.

It’s difficult to maintain harmony and friendship with total strangers. It takes a lot of self-assurance and a positive outlook to get people to accomplish what you want.

However, a woman who attempted to connect all these strangers, even if just briefly, became well-known online for all the right reasons.

Ezoic Bhavani Naea is a highly content woman with an optimistic outlook on life. People usually ignore her when she first appears on the Freemantle-to-Perth rail line with her guitar.

But things appear to change when she gives them the song’s lyrics.

People’s disinterest transforms into joy and a desire to join in song. The lyrics are being sung by every passenger in the train. The woman smiles broadly as she walks forth and backward.

The train’s atmosphere changes from silent and dull to joyful and melodic. This woman makes everyone want to be kind and upbeat.

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