During his retirement, Eagles star Jason Kelce granted a dying fan’s wish, as well as the wish of her family.

As an ardent Eagles supporter, Mary Lou Carey harbored fond memories of former center Jason Kelce.

Jill Carey, Mary Lou’s daughter, said, ‘She called him her young boyfriend.’ Mary Lou wanted her Jason Kelce jersey to be buried with her.

Her family decided they wanted to make it even more memorable for her as soon as they learned this.

At that point, they turned to Facebook to check if anyone knew Jason Kelce, and they wanted to see if he could autograph the jersey.

The jersey that Mary Lou was ultimately interred in was subsequently signed by Jason Kelce in addition to numerous other Eagles players.

And the jersey, replete with autographs from Mary Lou’s favorite team players, was returned to the family in time for her funeral.

What a beautiful deed of generosity! Speaking about Jason Kelce, Jill said, ‘He’s all about the fans and the community.’

He goes above and above. And for that reason, he is adored by all. When they learned about this news article, many people expressed their admiration for Jason Kelce online.

Jason Kelce has a very kind heart, as one commenter on YouTube said. ‘What a truly wonderful man!’

Someone else made an internet remark. “I’m grateful, Jason Kelce. Your generosity and compassion will never leave her family.

In every aspect, you truly are a legend. #62! Additionally, Jill Carey posted some endearing remarks about her mother online, explaining why she was such a huge fan of Jason Kelce.

‘My mother was an amazing woman. Throughout her life, Jill Carey remarked, ‘She would always do for others, expecting nothing in return, giving all she had to whatever task she was doing, and working hard.’

‘I believe that contributed to her intense affection for Jason. He truly is a class act! In her final days, he brought her a great grin, and knowing that this was done for her brought some comfort to us during our difficult time.

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