Jamie Lee Curtis, aged 65, surprises fans with a new hair transformation, abandoning her formerly gray and short hair.

Celebrities in Hollywood frequently go to great lengths to maintain their youthful appearance. They have performed costly treatments, cosmetic operations, you name it.

When Jamie Lee Curtis was a star, she would do everything to maintain her appearance. But now, she knows what’s best for her.

Curtis received continual criticism for her appearance, just like most women do. Curtis, who is 65 years old, hasn’t felt under any pressure to live up to these expectations in a long time.

She no longer colors her whole head of white hair. She no longer wears high heels as well. Stars may find it more difficult to maintain their notoriety and secure steady employment as they age because fewer opportunities are open to women over a particular age.

The celebrity is 65 years old, glamorous, and has no intention of slowing down her busy profession. Since her breakthrough performance in the horror movie “Halloween” in the late 1970s, Curtis has been a household name in the film and television industries.

The accomplished actress has portrayed a wide range of characters during her extensive career; among them are moms, as shown in her performance in “Freaky Friday.”

When Lindsay Lohan and Curtis revealed in 2024 that they would be playing their parts from the original “Freaky Friday” film 22 years later, everyone was taken aback.

Photographers took pictures of Curtis sporting a longer haircut as they attempted to catch a glimpse of the eagerly anticipated screen reunion between Lohan and Curtis.

To find out more about Curtis’ perspective on her hair and her reunion with Lohan, continue reading.

In a June 2021 podcast interview with People, Curtis discussed how her well-known parents, stars Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, taught her to be conscious of aging while remaining relevant in the entertainment industry.

‘I am a movie star’s child,’ she declared. ‘I watched my parents get facelifts and neck lifts.’ The sad reality of Hollywood is that not all stars are able to shine for their whole lives,

despite her parents’ best efforts to appear fresh. Curtis clarified, ‘I watched their work diminish, I watched their fame not diminish.’

‘And the contradiction of a lot of fame, but not a lot of work, is really hard to navigate for people.’

Curtis discussed how difficult it is to be well-known while not engaging in the activity that brought you notoriety.

And that you live your entire life chasing attention because you are well-known for something you did a long time ago.’

Curtis was better prepared for the reality of being an older actress when it came time for her own career to unfold by observing her parents’ careers and how their wave of success fluctuated despite their status as industry icons.

“I wanted to be mindful, as the daughter of stars,” stated Curtis. I was hedging my bets because I didn’t want to be the person who was desperate for a job and didn’t get it.

It’s a difficult business, and it’s humiliating. It everything comes down to appearance.” Curtis has undoubtedly overcome her advancing years to maintain her notoriety.

Her portrayal of the irate IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre in the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” brought her her first Academy Award in 2022.

Even as Curtis’s fame grew, she never wavered in her support of encouraging women to value their inherent beauty.

Curtis, in particular, is a fervent supporter of women in her age range and profession, and her hair has come to symbolize how she lives up to the role she performs.

In an interview from 2021, Curtis discussed her professional experimentation with several hairstyles with Scottish television host Lorraine Kelly.

“I made an attempt to style your hair in every way possible. It (was), in my opinion, humiliating. “I used to walk into a hair salon and think, ‘For what?’

The feeling of that color on my hair, the smell of the chemicals, and the thing I was wearing and sitting under the hairdryer.”

Curtis disclosed. “I got a perm very early in my career, and when I had to dye my hair for a movie, it burned the hair right off of my head. And when I initially chopped my hair short, I thought, “Oh! (…)

Wow, I really do look like me.” Curtis made the decision to quit coloring her hair and to let her face natural ever since.

In 2021, she acknowledged to Fast Company that she had attempted plastic surgery, but “it didn’t work.” Vicodin became my addiction. Now that I’m 22 years sober.

Generations of beauty are being erased by the present filler and procedure craze, our fascination with filters, and the things we do to alter our image on Zoom.

You cannot take back your face once you have messed with it, she said. In an interview with Kelly, Curtis expressed similar feelings when she said,

“We’re all going to die! When you’re 70 years old, why do you want to appear 17? When I get older, I want to look 70.”

Even at 65 years old, Curtis remains one of Hollywood’s top stars. Twenty-two years after the first film became a smash hit, in June 2024, Disney Studios announced that she and Lohan will be playing their parts from “Freaky Friday” again.

“In 2025, The Colemans will return and hit theaters! The Freaky Friday sequel is currently being made!

With a photo of Lohan and Curtis holding hands outside their production trailer trucks, Disney revealed on Instagram.

Curtis stated in a New York Times interview how long overdue the sequel is. “As I went around the world with ‘Halloween Ends,’ people wanted to know if there was going to be another ‘Freaky Friday’ (…)

When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made,'” Curtis told Variety.

Just Jared was able to acquire images of Curtis, who had long gray hair, coming back to her production trailer van on July 4, 2024. When fans saw Curtis sporting her new hairstyle, they responded.

“I love Jamie, it will be interesting to watch what happens in the film. She looks so much like her mother, but I love that she has short hair! She must be a grandmother by now!

Someone said. “I prefer her in short hair.She is not unaffected by this.She looks stunning in the short hairstyle.Not everyone is able to wear their hair that short,” someone else said.

“I’m still really excited, but I think they should have kept her with short hair.” Someone else penned.

Curtis had previously made an appearance with longer hair. In the third season of “The Bear,” Curtis returned to the character of Donna Berzatto, a blonde with long graying hair.

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