Jennifer Lopez shares a breakup song in response to rumors of her divorce from Ben Affleck.

In the midst of persistent rumors of a possible divorce from Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has made the decision to honor her 2021 song ‘Cambia El Paso,’ a song about making life choices.

Lopez posted the song’s official music video to Instagram on Sunday. ‘Cambia El Paso,’ or ‘Change the Step,’ is a song that was released in July 2021.

It emphasizes themes of empowerment and moving on with lyrics like ‘one, two, three, move forward’ and ‘He doesn’t deserve to have her in his arms.’

Lines like ‘Her life is better now without him…’ and ‘All she wanna do is just dance, dance, dance, dance’ are found in the song. She doesn’t require anyone’s help to be well; she is self-sufficient.

Many people have come to view the song as a ‘breakup song’ because of its empowering lyrics and the fact that it was released right after Lopez’s breakup with former MLB star Alex Rodriguez.

Celebrating the song’s anniversary, Lopez captioned the video on Instagram with the words ‘Happy Anniversary Cambia El Paso,’ along with an emoji of a palm tree and a sun.

Some individuals were able to support Lopez even though her post was restricted to specific comments.

‘Just make that change, move, and dance if something isn’t feeling right in your life,’ an admirer remarked.

One more person said, ‘Change the path!!!” Just keep going and bring about that transformation. I hope you understand how much I adore you, Jen.

Lopez has already discussed the significance of ‘Cambia El Paso’ in an interview with Pitbull’s Globalization on SiriusXM in 2021.

The message of the song is to embrace change and not be scared to move forward. Like, just move forward, take the necessary action, she remarked.

‘Just make that move and dance if something in your life isn’t feeling right.’ Lopez went on to explain that ‘dance means life and joy and happiness,’ highlighting the significance of being happy and true to oneself.

Although Lopez’s song has a positive message, there have been persistent allegations of marital problems between Lopez and Affleck, particularly when they were away for the Fourth of July vacation.

Lopez partied with pals in the Hamptons, while Affleck was spotted in Los Angeles with his children.

Affleck was seen wearing his wedding band at a lunch date with his son Fin in Los Angeles, while Lopez was seen wearing hers on the East Coast.

After getting married in July 2022, the couple usually spent previous Independence Days together.

However, because of the circulating divorce rumors, Lopez was single this year. Sources claim that Affleck has moved out of their shared residence with his possessions.

According to People magazine, Lopez presently resides at their $60.8 million Beverly Hills mansion, while Affleck, 51, rents an apartment in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles.

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