A young woman was taken aback when her brother showed up at her nursing ceremony.

Devoted nursing graduate Kylei Gray was about to cross a big milestone in her career path as a nurse when she got an unexpected gift that would make her occasion even more memorable.

Idly oblivious of the delightful surprise that awaited her, Kylei was getting ready for her nurse pinning ceremony in Hammond, Indiana.

She had no idea that her loving brother had traveled a great distance to be by her side on this important day.

Her brother, motivated by love and tenacity, flew an incredible 17 hours from Florida to Indiana to be there for his cherished sister,

despite the distance and difficulties of rescheduling to take all of his finals during finals week of college.

In a moving video, Kylei Gray and her brother share a tender reunion that serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the unshakable link between siblings.

In the arena of sibling rivalry, mothers act as referees, averting flying toys and managing tense arguments over who gets the last cookie.

Our children play the naughty characters in an endless game of pranks and shenanigans in this chaotic and humorous sitcom that airs every day. We are the master negotiators,

the peacekeepers in a war zone of sibling squabbles, involved in everything from epic battles over the TV remote to agreements that rival international diplomacy.

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