He got up to stop the wedding, but what stunned everyone even more was when he started singing

There are those who are there to enhance the already exceptional moments. Similar to these kids from The Music Depot in Niagara Falls, Ontario,

Canada, who performed in the style of a flash mob to sing ‘Going to the Chapel’ for Shannon and Rick’s wedding at St. John’s Church.

Wedding singers and musicians have a lengthy history dating back to ancient times, when they first performed.

Wedding festivities in classical Greece featured musical and dance performances. Lyres and flutes, among other musical instruments, would be used to serenade the bride and husband.

In honor of the newlyweds, troubadours and minstrels would perform at weddings throughout medieval Europe, singing songs and reciting poetry.

This custom is being followed today: the bride and groom are sometimes led in a dance known as the Hora at Jewish weddings,

and elaborate music and dance presentations, including Bollywood dance, are common at traditional Indian weddings.

Additionally, hymns are usually sung several times during a Christian wedding ceremony. In this instance,

though, the kids sing a pop tune that is appropriate for the couple and audience—it’s a wedding song.

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