A Caring Woodworker Builds a House for a Stray Cat. Video

The man, Barna, is a hobby carpenter who just so happened to see a lanky cat prowling around his house.

With hopes that the cat would assist himself, he placed a dish of food out. The cat didn’t eat at first, but after a few days of food being provided, he started to.

The weather was getting cold, and soon Barna had given the stray Domino a name. Barna thought he should construct a shelter for Domino since the rain and wind were becoming more intense.

And he really did just that! The crimson cat condo, which is trimmed in white, has a light, a camera, and a heating pad.

The house includes two modest entryways and a landing pad that resembles a porch. It’s opulent! Having watched Barna while he constructed the house,

Domino was prepared for a good night’s sleep that night—possibly much more than a quick cat nap! Most cold nights, Domino relished the house and made a new buddy.

A black female cat was having a terrific time with Domino; they were playing together, and Barna thought it was ‘love.’

Thus, Barna constructed a larger house for the pair! An updated two-story light blue replica of the original, it could now accommodate multiple overnight guests from the neighborhood cat colony.

That’s precisely what transpired once more. Four or five cats like the two houses Barna made, but Domino’s best friend has a favorite perch she found in one of the backyard trees.

Barna never attempted to domesticate the felines. Rather, all he wanted was for them to feel secure. ‘It’s just incredibly satisfying to be able to make a positive impact on their lives,’he remarked.

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