Amuse Music Distribution Services Review

I’m Zane and on this website I do audio tech tips tutorials and reviews to help you unleash your creativity and once you do unleash that creativity and maybe you have a song or an entire CD to sell how do you get it on to online music stores like Spotify iTunes Amazon and so on you could use DistroKid.

I reviewed not too long ago and it’s a great service it costs about $19 a year and you can upload unlimited tracks while your membership is active now what if you want something that’s even cheaper than the $19 how about free well amuse music distribution service is a free alternative you can even upload your tracks for distribution right from your phone.

If you wanted to they say that you get to keep 100% of your royalties and you get to keep all the rights to your music which sounds great so why do they offer this for free they claim that it’s an easy way for their record label to discover new artists to sign to their label and they make the money from the artists that they sign in addition to uploading your music.

To all the major music stores you can also monitor your stats from the app so you can track how well your musics doing and once the royalties are paid out from the stores you can withdraw your money right away so that’s what Amuse is now let’s dig in and upload a song but before we do that please give this video a big thumbs up if you’re getting some value out of it so far it means so much to me I have this old song that’s like twelve years old.

I’ll upload that so we can go through the process together and see how amuse works this is the first time that I’m going through the process so you’re seeing it as I’m seeing it for the first time and also I just want to say during the signup process was really easy to sign up and I could use my existing Spotify artist account it was very easy to sync that so if you already have a Spotify artist account don’t worry.

It’s extremely easy to sync it together so to get started uploading let’s click on create new release so in here you’ll put the release name now if you’re doing a full CD or an EP this is the name of the CD or EP not the song name if you’re doing a single then this can be the song name here the label name is optional if you don’t put anything in here it will just use your artist name as the label name then you would find your genre.

In here choose your language and you upload your album art here and as you can see over here they have some suggestions and regulations for your artwork so be sure to check this out just to make sure you have everything okay with your album art once you’re ready you would click.

Next and here’s where you would drop your tracks so if it was a multiple track CD or EP you can add multiple tracks here but I’m just doing a single so I’ll add one and then you need to click on add details so here’s the details for my track it’s already named and if I want it I could put a different version in here if as a remix live remastered to stick whatever recording year I’m actually going to put that at gos 2007 when I recorded it and the language is English.

Does this track contain any lyrics yes it does what language is your lyrics in choose the lyrics language is it explicit and you have three options here it’s explicit it’s clean but there is another version that is explicit or not explicit and there’s never been any cursing or bad language in this song and in here you can choose.

If it’s a cover song a remix or an original so mine’s an original if you’ve released this song or CD somewhere else and you have the ISRC for use that one if not you can leave this blank and they will assign one to you for free and here you would put the writers name and you can add more.

If you need to if you have any featured artists you would put them in here any other contributors you would put those in there click Save when you’re ready and then we click Next here and this shows you the music stores if you want to uncheck any of them for whatever reason you would just uncheck them but I want all of them so I’m going to click save countries.

I wanted it available in all countries and it looks like with the proposed release date you can’t choose anything immediately you have to choose something at least four weeks down the road so that’s what I’m going to choose has this been released before no now we click review make sure everything’s correct in here.

So once you read everything in there it’s all correct you would just click this check mark here then click release and that’s it so now if we click on in progress you’ll see that we have our release right there if you had anything that was live in a store already it would be in the my music tab then your only other option here is to sign out or to do another release.

So some of the things that are different between amuse and distrokid is with distrokid you can release pretty much instantly I know when I did the release on my distrokid review it took like hours for some of the stores to start receiving my track and then a lot more were the next day whereas this.

I can’t even release anything until four weeks down the road which is still pretty cool because this is a completely free service another plus about distrokid is the automated payment system that is a huge plus especially if you work in a team or a band distrokid will distribute those royalties automatically and you don’t have to worry about anything and one more thing.

I noticed about distrokid is that I feel like I’m more in control of my release when I do it through distrokid as opposed to amuse but again amuse is free and if that’s all you can afford then go with it but if you want to try the district kid and save some money be sure to click the link that’s in the description of this video.

You’ll save seven percent on your distrokid membership click here to check out my distrokid review video or click down here to see what YouTube thinks you’ll like next if you like this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more videos from me thank you so much for watching for simple green tech I’m Zane and we’ll talk soon

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