A young model with Down syndrome has been offered a historic modeling contract

Each of us is born with a set of distinct abilities that distinguishes us from the rest of humanity. Chelsea Werner’s story is about a girl who discovers her incredible skills and the rest of the world takes notice of her. Chelsea is 27 years old and is already making a difference in the world by just being herself. Chelsea had to learn the ins and outs of being different as a child since she was born with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that may cause delays in intellectual and physiological development. Chelsea, on the other hand, hasn’t allowed her diagnosis deter her from competing in the Special Olympics as a gymnast or from pursuing a career as a high-fashion model.

Chelsea’s parents enrolled her in gymnastics when she was eight years old in order to help her increase her physical strength, according to Chelsea’s official website. As she began to master the ropes, it became evident that Chelsea was more than just an ordinary gymnast; she was special. Chelsea went on to participate in and won four Olympic gold medals throughout her career. When it comes to athletics, Chelsea is unquestionably exceptional. However, there is another aspect of Chelsea that is capturing the world’s attention—this incredible gymnast is now a role model and spokesperson for others who have Down syndrome.

Chelsea was hired as a model by the modeling agency We Speak. This multinational fashion agency promotes self-acceptance and encourages individuals to never be embarrassed of their bodies. Werner is already transforming the modeling profession from the inside out, and she aspires to be a positive role model for those with Down syndrome.

Chelsea told A Plus that people with Down syndrome are seldom employed in the fashion and modeling professions. Chelsea is working hard to change that. ‘The more we are represented, the more people will recognize how talented we are,’ she told reporters.

While some may argue that there is no need for more representation, Chelsea feels that the successes of other people with Down syndrome inspire the rest of the world.

Chelsea and her achievements are a perfect example of this. Winning a Special Olympics gold, let alone four times, is no easy task. She was also the defending World Champion on two occasions. Chelsea’s lessons on perseverance, confidence, and achievement are nothing short of inspiring.

Chelsea did not become a model by chance, just as she excelled in gymnastics. She applied to modeling agencies on a regular basis but was consistently rejected because most people in the fashion industry do not believe Down syndrome has a place in their industry. Chelsea, on the other hand, persisted. She was never disheartened by her rejections, thanks to her parents’ encouragement. Chelsea was spotted on social media by a We Speak scout in 2017, and her perseverance paid off.

Chelsea’s story impacted Briauna Mariah, the founder and CEO of We Speak, so much that she realized she was precisely what was needed to shake up the fashion industry, as she told A Plus. She recognized Chelsea’s potential and knew she had to get her on board. Chelsea continues to inspire respect and worldwide recognition as she continues to break down boundaries in the fashion business.

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