Grandson brings 88-year-old grandma to tears by presenting a special room he constructed for her in his house… Watch her reaction here…

Anyone fortunate enough to have known their grandparents will comprehend the special bond we have with them and their children.

There is no one who understands this better than Matthew Stewart, a well-known TikToker from Florida, who had such a tight bond with his 88-year-old grandmother Bobbe that he constructed a separate room in his house for Grandma GB, as he affectionately nicknamed her.

Stewart wanted to express his gratitude to his grandma for everything that she had done for him over the years. People all across the globe were moved to tears by the videos he uploaded of his cherished grandma on YouTube.

When Stewart’s grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he wanted to make sure she was secure, so he brought her into his home with his wife and two children.

In an Instagram video posted in October 2020, the dedicated grandson captured the beautiful moment he informed GB that she would be moving in with him.

Stewart brings his grandmother to the construction site of their new home, where he informs her that the house would have a bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom just for her, allowing her to move in with them.

It was nearly too much for Stewart to watch GB cry and say, ‘just knowing that someone wants me.’ Stewart confessed that seeing GB cry almost crushed his heart.

As for Stewart, he explained that it was the least he could do to repay his grandmother for her support and love during some of the most difficult times of his life. He expressed gratitude for being able to repay the love she had shown him over the years.

Unfortunately, shortly after receiving the news, GB had a fall and was forced to enter rehab to heal. Stewart had hoped that the good news would motivate her to get well and return home, but Grandma passed away at the end of January, much to Stewart’s sorrow.

The young guy celebrated Grandma Bobbe’s 89th birthday on February 13. In an Instagram video, he shared some of her most lovely moments with the world.

Watch the beautiful video here:

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