The handsome police-officer’s dance challenge blew up the Internet

Blanco Brown is shown it below.

And his song The Git Up has been exploding up the internet all throughout the United States of America. It’s a catchy country tune with plenty of hat-tipping, heel-digging, and guitar twanging to make you want to get up and down.

But it’s not only this song that has people talking.
…but by what the cops have been doing with it.

A recent internet craze has seen police officers throughout the country choreograph a dance to Blanco Brown’s smash country song, video it, and upload it online to represent their units.

Many departments have participated in a variety of contexts, with…say let’s various levels of talent. Some, on the other hand, are truly gifted.

Allow me to introduce Officer White to the stage.
Officer White dances alone, but several of the posted dance routines contain two or more officers. He doesn’t need somebody to dance with; he’s got moves!

He performs some of the iconic motions seen in Brown’s music video and other police versions of the song, such as the ‘Tippie Toes Out’ and the ‘Deputy Dip.’

Check out if you can catch them!
This cop has definitely, what do the kids call it? Oh yeah SWAG! He’s got charm to boot, and he walks with such confidence. This cop seems to be undaunted by the situation, and it’s obvious that if given the chance, he would slay the dance floor.

White performs the entire dance in one take, with no mistakes are made!
Officer White would have it if he was ever trying to negotiate a criminal out of a hostage situation and the assailant demanded that he only let his victims free if he could beat him in a dance-off.

Without a doubt, this is the most rootin’, tootin’ challenge the internet.It’s difficult not to enjoy the song as well. It’s a fantastic mix of country and pop tunes that makes you want to get up and dance!

Some of the responses to this video are hilarious!
This guy definitely sees the humorous side of the situation and asks a question that a few of us might be wondering…

So, what are your thoughts? Could you outperform Officer White or any of the other police departments you’ve seen rally? Whether you like country music or not, you can’t deny that this song has a rhythm that makes you want to dance… Get Moving!

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