The positive affirmations of a two-year-old to calm herself down warm millions of hearts… Watch the sweetest video here…

The first few years of a child’s life are generally filled with scrapes and boo-boos, which is to be expected. It is our responsibility as parents to soothe our children, kiss their boo-boos, and dry their tears.

When a mother from Oklahoma found the most touching way to help her toddler feel better, she couldn’t stop smiling. She recently filmed a video after the kid had a little ‘owie’, in which she demonstrates her excellent parenting technique in action.

Prepare yourselves, because this is just too good to be true!

When children are little and curious, it is usual for them to make a few mistakes. Because, after all, they’re only trying to make sense of this strange world we live in!

Brilee, who is two years old, is the pride and joy of Shelbee’s heart. Her daughter was upset one day after she accidently injured her fingers while opening the door (ouch).

Similarly to any other child, Brilee was crying uncontrollably and needed to be consoled. That’s when Shelbee, the mother, stepped in to help.

They begin by taking a few deep breaths, as seen in the video.

Deep breathing is a fantastic method for calming yourself down, whether you’re a kid or an adult. Shelbee gently takes her daughter through a couple of deep breaths and gently pats her on the back of the neck. She then wonders whether she’s all right.
Brilee says she’s OK, but she’d want to tell Mommy what happened.

The child comes up to the door and raises her hand, pointing at the door so that mom knows who is responsible for opening it. Shelbee confirms her story verbally by saying, ‘I know you smashed your fingers in the door, didn’t you?’

Just when you thought it couldn’t be any more heartwarming, it reaches a new level.
‘Look at Mommy,’ Shelbee says to Brilee. When the girl does, the mom launches into a series of positive affirmations that her daughter should repeat.

‘Say ‘I’m okay,’ she begins. It’s a sweet response from the child, who says, ‘I’m OK.’

They keep on going.
Shelbee makes her repeat additional motivational words that the girl is unlikely to forget. ‘I’m okay,’ the two-year-old says. ‘I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m loved. I’m worthy.’

Having confidence, feeling protected, and knowing that they are constantly loved are all vital for children to grow up.   However, it is not every day that you come across a toddler who is repeating words such as these (which seem to make her feel a lot better). They would be advantageous to anybody, even an adult!

Are you ready to have your heart melted as well? To see the viral video for yourself, click on the play button below.

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