4-years-old finds not ordinary friend and brings him home.. Mom is shocked.

Our children usually leave us speechless, but imagine your 4-year-old son returning home with a baby deer as a company. Isn’t that a bit like a fairy story? That’s exactly what Stephanie Brown saw while on vacation at Massanutten Resort in Virginia.

Stephanie just can not believe her eyes when she opened the door and discovered Dominic, her four-year-old son, on the porch with a baby deer. The woman was taken aback by the Disney-like scene, but she decided to get a few shots of the wonderful scene.

Obviously, Stephanie’s stunning photos quickly went viral once she shared them on Facebook. After all, you don’t come across a 4-year-old and a wild deer every day.

The mother revealed that they were going to leave the resort, and Dominic was playing outside the cabin while she was packing. It’s unknown how the two came to be together.

Dominic’s pyjamas may have attracted the fawn, or he may have provided her some goodies, but one thing is certain: they quickly became friends. Dominic wanted to present his new friend to his mother, so they both stepped up at the door, surprised the boy’s mother very much.

‘I was stunned. ‘No way,’ I thought. Stephanie told ABC, ‘My mind is playing games with me.’ ‘It wasn’t like anything out of the ordinary for him; it was bizarre.’ They were simply in time.’

The fawn’s behavior was quite remarkable. She doesn’t appear afraid or uneasy in the presence of humans or the camera for a second. She appears to be acting because of the way she postures for the camera. Dominic even named his new friend. He named the newborn deer Flash, after the DC Comics super-hero.

Thousands of reactions and comments poured in when Stephanie shared the wonderful photo on Facebook. ‘They both appear to be doing this on a regular basis.’ “They’re both so precious,’ one person wrote. ‘Your son and his pal are adorable. ‘Wonderful photo,’ said another. “They appear to be buds,’wrote another.

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